Club history

Old Ed's, established in 1908, is one of the oldest & most successful sports clubs in South Africa.


A casual lunch with around five old boys led to the group deciding that this type of reunion should be fostered. Claude E Mann received the approval of the then Headmaster and Johannesburg College of Old Boy’s Society was formed. Those close ties with what is to day King Edward VII School, remain paramount to our creed to day.

From such small acorns, the Society as we know it to day boast some ten sub clubs, and is no doubt the leading Old Boys club in Gauteng, if not the country.

The Society has produced Springboks in all the major sports, administrators who have gone on to be at the helm of their respective sports at International level, as well as many captains of Commerce and Industry have represented the Society.

We offer members outstanding facilities for sport and the all important social side is accommodated with facilities for catering, Conferences and Group meetings.

We stand and believe in the traditions, ethos and principals of what our School, King Edward VII, stands for. We strive to nurture and protect our proud traditions and great legacy.


It was in a spirit of re-union that the Society was founded. Its originator, Claude E. Mann, had been one of the first four boys to be enrolled in the Kerk Street Government School when it was opened in 1902. After some years of closest association with a happy band of schoolfellows and an acquaintance, perhaps not so happy, with noble masters, he suddenly found himself alone in the world. He began to wonder what had happened to them and longed to renew old friendships. He went to see his old Headmaster and out of this idea was born the Johannesburg College Old Boy’s Society in 1908.


The Society had an impressive first committee with the headmaster Mr. J.M. Crofts as President, Mr. H.D.F. Davis, Mr. F.J. Robinson, Mr. (Later Sir) Abe Bailey, Mr. C.P. Hill, Mr. S. Pegler and Mr. A. Troye as Secretary. During the first year of inauguration a soccer team was entered in the Second Division of the Association League. Early in the history of the Society which was largely a family affair carried on by some twenty or so old boys three of the members played soccer for Colonials vs. Home Borns, one played hockey and two received their Provincial Rugby Caps in Currie Cup Competition. This small handful of Old Boys of a school then not yet ten years old laid a solid foundation on which our Society has been built up.

In 1912 the association took on a new lease of life under the title of The Old Edwardian Society for the school had changed its name in the previous year. Just when the Society was about to reap the first fruits of its labours came the war and a complete cessation of all proceedings for nearly five years.

1919 - 1922

The return to civilian life brought with it a new stimulus making for keener co-operation, and a desire for reunion on all sides. Mr. Desmond Davis took the initiative and organized a smoking concert in the School Hall on June 21st, 1919 and no less than 120 old boys attended this. About two and a half months later an advertisement was published in the daily press calling Old Boys to attend a meeting with a view to resuscitating the Society. They did not waste much time in becoming active for it was reported in December 1919 a successful dance had been held and Pounds 20 had been raised to be handed over to the School War Memorial Fund. The search for grounds had begun and was to last for nearly five years.

Limited Activities: Although Soccer, Hockey and Cricket Sections were formed in the next few years, the Society’s activities were limited in those early days before a home was found.

Search for a home: The real “search” started some time in 1922.

1925 to PRESENT

Progress was made in the search for suitable grounds and in 1925 the Society purchased 17 acres of land in Houghton Estate, from where it still operates today.

Our beautiful club now boasts 9 tennis courts (4 of which are floodlit), 5 squash courts, two cricket ovals, which also double as soccer fields, a swimming pool, and two bowls greens as well as a clubhouse with restaurant and sports shop. Offering athletics, bowls, cricket, hockey, junior soccer, mind sports, rowing, squash, swimming, tennis and water polo, for all ages and skill levels, from beginners to those looking to make their mark at the professional level.



We are a social and competitive sport club - for all ages.


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