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Results from Bar One Buffalo Marathon

This race was a popular one for Old Eds runners in years gone by, and this being the 40th anniversary race a group of Old Eds runners rolled back the years and went down to take part in the race.

The results were excellent from the clubs point of view as we had three runners on the podiums after the race. The results were:

POSITION                          NAME                                   TIME

41                                       Richard McEvoy             3; 10; 06
162                                    John Carruthers             3. 55. 30
325                                    Linda Icely                       4; 35; 21
418                                    Dirk Bornebusch            5; 02; 54
437                                    Nic Icely                            5; 25; 51

Richard finished second in the mens Masters age group; John third in the mens Grand Masters and Linda third in the ladies Grand Masters.

Also running, but for Bedfordview was Anne Pratt who finished in 5; 36; 32.

I guess the weekend was more about reminiscing about past races as much as running the race itself, and judging by photos from previous races, it is one great party atmosphere!!