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Old Eds streaks to take pole position in DotA 2 ladder

Donald Mullany (Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club) captains Old Ed’s DotA 2 team

The Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club (OEMSC) is Mind Sports South Africa’s oldest member club which is renown for its strength in the wargames discipline.
Nevertheless, some of the skills aquired in such discipline seem to be transferable, and OEMSC was able to successfully challenge Sinister5 for pole position in the DotA 2 ladder.

The club, since 1991, has produced 22 players who have received senior Springbok and/or Protea Colours and 10 players who have received junior Protea Colours.

The club too holds the distinction of hosting MSSA’s first esports provincial championships, being the 1998 Gauteng Provincial Championships.

The team fielded by the Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club for the Ladder match, consisted of 5 veterans of which 3 players have been awarded Protea Colours in the past (Donald Mullany, Colin Webster, and David Webster), one player has Gauteng Provincial Colours (Terence Allwright) and only ‘youngster’ Des Schoeman has yet to earn provincial or national colours.

It just goes to show that the ‘Old Guard’ is still able to fight their way to the top.

The full ladder for the DotA 2 esports is as follows:

MSSA’s National DotA 2 Ladder
DotA 2 – Senior
Pos Name of Player year Club
1 King Edward’s Guards 18 Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club
2 Sinister5 (17) 18 Sinister5
3 Northwood DOTA 17 Northwood High School
4 Sp4rt4ns 17 SAHETI
5 Maritzburg College 16 Maritzburg College
6 PotM Bottom 17 PotM Bottom
7 TribalGaming 16 Fairmont High School
8 Parklands 16 Parklands College
9 KWAKKIE DOTES 16 Tuks Mind Sports Club
10 We Took a Tower! 16 Wits Wargames Club
11 WYSIWYG 18 Jeppe Boys High School
12 Broken alliance 16 Fairmont High School
13 PR0NHS 17 Northcliff High School
14 Mr Project 16 Oakhill College
15 Immortal Forces 18 Hudson Park
16 WBHS/DOTA 18 Westville Boys
17 MC DOTA 17 Maritzburg College
18 Grey High Gaming 18 Grey Highschool
19 Kappa Knights 16 Fairmont High School
20 Titans 17 VexxedPhoenix
21 APTWE 16 Tuks Mind Sports Club
22 Team Craig 16 Northcliff High School
23 Flaming Bunnies 16 Fairmont High School
24 [PRIDE] 17 Parktown Boys’ High School
25 PORAXYSM 16 All Stars
26 Quantum 17 Curro Klerksdorp
27 HELION 17 Uplands College

Other National ladders are: