Mind Sports


The Old Edwardian War Games club was founded in 1989. The club meets every Sunday afternoon in the Blue Room from 14;00 to 18;00 unless the meeting falls on Christmas Day OR there is a National or provincial championship being played.

The Old Edwardian War Games Club actively promotes games which test tactical skill and knowledge. The most popular games promoted by the club are;

FIGURE GAMING; ANCIENTS (3000 bc TO 1500 ad) and
PIKE AND SHOT (1500 AD to 1700 AD)

Players are encouraged to participate on all levels of competitive play. Players from the club dominate all championships in South Africa.

The club also runs campaigns for players who wish to put their gaming skills into larger strategical frameworks.

For those players who wish to compete in competitions, Mind Sports South Africa (to which we are affiliated) holds provincial and National championships.

Through competing in provincial and National events players are able to earn school provincial, student provincial, provincial and National colours.

Our club has been represented in every National team for figure games since 1991 in International competitions on an annual basis and has established South Africa as one of the top wargaming nations.