Membership Year: 1 September 2021 – 31 August 2022
This is a one off payment – payable by all new members R560 (adult) R125 (u18)
All members who have reached the age of majority ADMIN R 120.00
CATEGORY 2021/22
Country Member R 285.00
Scholars (Juniors u18) R 1 060.00
Students (subject to a valid student card) R 1 060.00
Seniors  (Over 65 years) R 1 060.00
Social Members (Non-Active) R 710.00
Sporting Members (External and not scholars or students) R 710.00
Sporting Members (not scholars or students) R 1 465.00
K.E.S. K.E.P.S., St Mary’s Pupils and Teachers  R 925.00
All members  (Once-off) R 50.00
Student Members must produce a valid student card
Sub-Club Subscriptions excluded
After the 1st year an admin fee of R120 is charged to all members over 18
These memberships (except for K.E.S./K.E.P.S./St Mary’s pupils and teachers) exclude use of the Virgin Active Health Club.
R50 once off charge for a membership card. (R50 for replacement cards)
R55 for access tokens to facilities that use them take off
Pro Rata rates are applicable for people wanting to join during the year and details of the amounts will be advised to you upon application for membership.
Sub-Club Subscriptions
ATHLETICS Full (Licenced) Runners R200.00
Social (Non-Licenced) Runners R5.00
Juniors TBA
BOAT CLUB Full member R 3,045.00
Country member R 3,045.00
Students R 3,045.00
BOWLS Men and Ladies R100.00
JBA/BSA 570 (this will be sponsored by bowls)
CRICKET Senior Member Sunday R2 110.00
Student Member Sunday R2 110.00
Scholar Member Sunday R 2,010.00
KES Scholar Sunday R 2,010.00
Senior Member Saturday R1 110.00
Student Member Saturday R1 110.00
Junior Cricket R2 690.00
HOCKEY 1st Mens and Ladies 3,800
2nd Ladies 3,500
2nd to 4th team mens 3,300
SQUASH Gauteng & Masters League R 2,115.00
Gauteng League R 1,690.00
Masters League R 1,265.00
Social Players R705.00
SWIMMING All Swimmers R725.00
TENNIS Scholars 914..38
Privileged Juniors TBA
Student Members R914.38
Senior Members R840.35
Mid-Week members R677.50
Mid-Week members 65+ R504.20
Once off : R100.00 COVID LEVY TO BE ADDED TO ALL TENNIS MEMBERS – take off please
WARGAMES Senior Members R168.00
WATER POLO Senior Members (Excl. CG.W.P.A. fees) R250.00
CG.W.P.A. Fees TBA