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This past weekend there were no official fixtures but the under 7 and under 8’s played a friendly against each other. The current season has six weeks to go which will recommence after the long weekend.

The under 6 age group has been developing and growing and enjoying the elements of the game playing in four by four competitions under the watchful eye of the coaches Mike and Kotetso.

The under 8’s have been a strong outfit throughout the season and have suffered only one defeat with coach Seabird developing and maturing the group.

The under 10’s have had mixed fortunes but have been gelling really well recently and already working towards next season.

We have used the season to create an environment where our players are happy to be as this strengthens motivation. We allow players to make mistakes, give them the time to be creative and encourage reflection through positive thinking. We encourage solutions and responsibilities, set standards, create a culture of development and always end on a positive note by praising efforts and not results. We prioritize all players and parents and ensure that we have their best interests at heart.

Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the club between 17;30 and 16;45. For further information please contact our head coach Jateen Bhana on 0826553027 or on